Replacement Liner Packages are provided for typical pool sizes including 14’ × 28’, 16’ × 32’, 18’ × 36’, and 20’ × 40’. All of our packages come standard with professional installation backed by an industry leading warranty for both parts and labour. You get a worry free, precision fit (30 guage) liner installed with the best 100% virgin vinyl quality. We also provide swimming pool liners for custom pool sizes – please contact us for additional details and to learn how The Pool Place can provide the best quality and service at the best price for you. Find the package that suits you best by comparing the features below.
(Package 1)
(Package 2)
(Package 3)
Drain water and remove old liner. Inspect walls and floor for imperfections or issues that may affect proper installation. yes yes yes
Measure pool using “Exclusive” True Fit – Precision Techniques. Our professional measurements are exact to the most technical degree. Using hundreds of digitally plotted points with the aid of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), the fit and finish of our liners is second to none and ensure the most accurate fit. Elasticity is never compromised, and our liners will never be over stretched. A great fitting, wrinkle-free liner starts with how it is measured. yes yes yes
Repair concrete defects to the pool floor, and service the steel walls of your pool. Paint walls with TREMCLAD rust paint. yes yes yes
Install new 30 gauge full print pattern liner. We use only the best name brand liners that are 100% virgin vinyl, UV protected and triple dyed, with the strongest backed industry warranties of 20 – 25 years pro-rated. yes yes yes
Provide and Install new faceplates + gaskets. yes yes yes
Provide and Install “Liner Lock”, in the liner track to ensure the liner bead never comes out or sags after installation. yes yes yes
Manufacturer’s Pro-rated Warranty (20 – 25 Years). yes yes yes
5- year Workmanship Installation Guarantee. yes yes yes
Peace of Mind– knowing that industry experts, with 25 years experience, are working by your side to ensure reliable, efficient and swift service. yes yes yes
Provide ANTI-RUST Treatment/Inhibitor on the walls. Clear Coat spray application on the pool walls. no yes yes
Partial Opening or Closing of the Pool. no yes yes
LEAK DETECTION – Pressure test underground return and suction lines to check for leaks. no no yes